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Meet Author: Alex R Crawford

Beware of doorways through time… and the French.

While on a routine research trip, author Amelia Murray walks through a doorway at an old fort and slips back in time to 1754, leaving her friends and college-aged daughter behind.

Taken hostage by a French military unit, her confiscated notebook, with the dates and locations of battles for a young George Washington, could lead to his early death and the demise for the future United States.

Amelia must escape the French, retrieve her notebook, and save Washington without changing the course of history.

When the door she traveled through won’t exist for another year, where will she find another doorway through time?

How is a modern-day woman going to survive in Colonial America on the brink of war?

The Time Writer and The Notebook is a Historical Time Travel Adventure exploring the beginnings of the French and Indian War through the wit and mindset of a 21st Century woman.

The Time Writer
The Notebook

A Historical Time Travel Adventure

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September 6, 2022

Meet Author: Michael Sloan

Get your copy of the debut novel from Michael Sloan: Leo Kane Journey through the Veil

Leo always thought of himself as painfully average, but that all changed without warning. 
Following the death of his grandfather, Leo is magically transported to a new world hidden behind a protective veil. 
Upon his arrival to the new and mysterious world, Leo is greeted by the realm’s ruler, as well as, the beautiful—but misunderstood—Angel Dianna.
Leo discovers that he comes from a long line of ancient and magical Jinn, the Knights of Kane, with ancestors who still rule other known realms with an iron fist. Leo learns that Theiler, his uncle and ruler of the Carved Realm, is determined to conquer all realms beyond his own—starting with Leo’s new home, the Spring Crow Realm. 
Leo and Angel must learn to trust each other and team up to stop Theiler’s advances, all the while Leo learns to control magical powers he never knew he had. 
How can a seemingly average boy protect his new world and survive?